Editing Work

I cut a series of movie preview promos for the FX Network such as these.

Screen Gems had a syndicated hour of their old sitcoms, in this case the package was “Benson” and “The Jeffersons.” In addition to cutting the shows to time, I was also responsible for editing comedy interstitials.

This is a mini-biography of lighting designer Chip Monck that was put together for the Parnelli Awards at which Chip was receiving a lifetime achievement award.

I was handed this project at the last moment when the original editor was unable to deliver any kind of cohesive program out of the materials provided.

It was edited together in about a day in Final Cut Pro and is 99.5% still images cut in a way that feels fluid and organic.

This is a live concert I produced/directed/edited of Soda and his Million Piece Band. It was shot at the Allen Theater in Southgate with 8 cameras and a budget of less than $1,500.

This was a trailer for a low budget action movie starring Richard Grieco, Nick Mancuso, and a then relatively unknown Jaime Pressly.

This is a promo I directed and edited for Daniels Woodland, a company that builds really cool treehouse playsets for children out of real trees.

This is a documentary featurette done as a demo for a full documentary about wild horse races and the people who participate with them.

This is a sword fight demonstration for a swordmaster who teaches in Los Angeles.

I directed and edited this brief battle sequence. It is a demonstration of a large battle for a Los Angeles sword fighting school.

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