Following are sample clips from various shows I have edited.

Intro from "Smash Lab," a Discovery channel show that I edited. It ran after Mythbusters for 2 seasons.

This is a segment from "Expeditions to the Edge" which aired on the National Geographic Channel. This particular episode followed the fatal misadventure of four expert kayakers down the Tsangpo river in Tibet. This show combined actual footage shot during the original event in Tibet with reenactments shot in the Pacific Northwest.

This was a 'sizzle reel' for a reality show pilot about a group of fine art painters living in a house together and competing for a final prize.

This is a montage of some of my work that I put together in After Effects a few years ago.

I directed and edited this video for Dave Foley of Kids in the Hall. This video appeared on the now defunct comedy video website We shot it outside Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.

This is a variety show I edited for Dave Foley which was shown on It features a monologue, interview with comedian Lewis Black and a musical performance by Rilo Kiley.

Frankenstein and the Wolfman was to be ILM’s first all digital movie. It was a co-production with Universal, whom eventually pulled the plug after a year in production. The movie was originally supposed to be spooky like the original, but it was then decided by Universal after the popularity of Antz and Bug’s Life to attempt to make the movie “cute.” It never recovered from that attempt.

The grainy video on top represents the only footage in existence from that show. Everything else is locked tightly in a vault at ILM where absolutely no one is permitted to access their work for the use in reels or portfolios.

This SIGGRAPH demo was originally in color with an amazing soundtrack by Skywalker Sound designer Gary Rydstrom.

Work in Progress is an in-house video from ILM that I did not edit… I had moved back to Los Angeles by this point when Frankenstein folded. However, it uses several characters and sets from Frankenstein and gives one a good idea of the “look and feel” some of the movie would have had.

This video clip is chock full of Frankenstein inside jokes. For example, the scientist character (Dr. Pretorius in the movie) has flames coming off his head during much of the short. Universal cut an amazing action sequence from the original script of the Wolfman catching on fire and diving into a fountain because they thought “flames were too expensive to do in CGI.” The “Chihuahua-raffe” is an allusion to the bizarre creatures Pretorius was building in the movie, such as “Rhino-bear,” the mad scientist and the worker represent executives at Universal, and the little girl is ILM.

It’s amazing to look back on this piece and realize this is the type of work we were doing back in 1998.

This was a show for TLC that put contestants through a series of grueling amusement park tests to win a competition.

This was a thirteen episode "reality" show for Game Show Network that followed the life of game show host Chuck Woolery on and off the set of GSN's show "Lingo."

This was a home improvement show that aired on TLC.

This reality series took a couple who was engaged to be married and put them through a series of challenges to see if they were really compatible.

This series ran on the Travel Channel chroniciling travelers incredible vacations.